Astor Vanilla Shake Wafer Sticks 40gr

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Astor is a vanilla wafer roll that is a sensational match between crumbly wafer and intense vanilla cream. Beautifully made from the finest ingredients in Indonesia.  8 sticks of pure bliss in every box.

Astor Vanilla Shake Wafer Sticks 40gr come in a pack size of 36 boxes per case


Ingredients : Sugar, Wheat Flour (gluten), Vegetable oil (Palm mesocarp, Contains antioxidant BHA), milk powder (Cow’s milk),  Tapioca flour, Maltodextrin, Soy lecithin (Soya Emulsifier), Non-dairy creamer, Caramel colourant, Salt, Vanillin (flavouring), Sodium Bicarbonate (Leavening agent)

Allergens: Wheat (Gluten), Cow’s Milk, Tree Nut, Soya

Certified Halaal by Majlisul Ulema Indonesia

Suitable for Lacto-Vegetarians


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36 boxes per case